For Sale

4431 Stouffville Road, Whitchurch-Stouffville

CBRE is pleased to offer for sale a 100% freehold interest in 4431 Stouffville Road (the “Site” or the “Property”) in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. The Property is situated on a regularly configured ±9.75 acre lot that is centrally located between Whitchurch-Stouffville, Markham and Richmond Hill. The Property is currently improved with a ±40,945 sq. ft. greenhouse including a retail and office area, as well as six header greenhouse buildings with a size of ±1,955 sq. ft each. The Property is currently 100% occupied by a single tenant with lease terms ending in December of 2023 with the option to extend five years. The occupancy generates substantial income with future rental escalations in place. This offering presents an exciting opportunity for a wide range of investors looking to secure an established operation on a large tract of strategically located land.

Property Information
Lot Size ±9.75 ac.
Building Size 52,675 sq. ft (total)
Frontage ±470 ft. on Stouffville Rd
Depth ±905 ft.
Existing Conditions Nursery
Official Plan Oak Ridges Moraine
Area, Significant
Environmental Area,
Agricultural Area
Zoning Flood Hazard (FH),
Agricultural (AG),
Oak Ridges Moraine
Countryside (ORM-C)
Taxes (2018) $3,277.88
Lease Information
End Date December 14, 2023
Option to Renew 5 years
Annual Rent $158,760
Expenses Net Rent


Permitted Uses AG FH ORM-C
Accessory Farm Dwelling Unit ✓(5)   ✓(5)
Accessory uses, buildings and structures   ✓(14)
Agricultural uses, buildings and structures ✓(9) ✓(1)(9) ✓(1)
Agricultural uses, no buildings or structures ✓(1)
Bed and Breakfast Establishment ✓(8)   ✓(7)(8)
Farm Produce Sales Outlet ✓(10)   ✓(10)
Farm Vacation Home   ✓(7)
Fish, Wildlife, Forestry Management    
Group Home ✓(3)   ✓(3)(7)
Home Industry ✓(12)   ✓(12)
Home Occupation ✓(13)   ✓(13)
Low Intensity Recreation    
Plant Nursery ✓(1)   ✓(1)
Private Home Daycare   ✓(7)
Single Detached Dwelling   ✓(4)
Unserviced Park   ✓(6)

Surrounding Amenities

Whitchurch-Stouffville Demographics

Investment Opportunity

Well-suited,  long-term tenant providing substantial income

Ideal Location

Centrally located between Whitchurch-Stouffville, Markham and Richmond Hill

Growing Population

Significant projected growth of +10.4% in immediate surrounding area

2018 Estimated Population

2023 Projected Population

Average Household Income

For More Information, Please Contact:

Mike Czestochowski**
Executive Vice President
416 495 6257
[email protected]

Evan Stewart
Sales Representative
416 495 6205
[email protected]

Arlin Markowitz*
Senior Vice President
416 815 2374
[email protected]

Lauren White*
Senior Vice President
416 495 6223
[email protected]

CBRE Limited
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*Sales Representative, **Broker.

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